The Flat Belly Code

Fighting the Flu Through Vaccination

When we think of the major threats to our national security, the first to come to mind are nuclear proliferation, rogue states and global terrorism. But another kind of threat lurks beyond our shores, one from nature, not humans – an avian flu pandemic.” – Barack Obama, June 2005

How To Stay Looking Young And Improve The Way You Feel Naturally

There are a million and one anti-aging products out there but Mother Nature is still best. Mangosteen is a fruit that was loved by Queen Victoria and today is loved by the world over and once mixed with other vitamins and minerals it does amazing things for your skin.

Carbs Are A Weight Loss Ally?

People inherently fear carbs but that shouldn’t be the case. Good carbs can be a great ally in the weight loss battle because they keep you full, fill you up faster, and give you energy throughout the day! It’s time for a mindset change!

Family Eating Times

Too many families will eat at separate times. We always make sure that we eat together wherever possible, I think it bonds us closer. Try it, eat together and concentrate on what your doing.

Why You Need BCAA

BCAAs are the new mantra in body building. But are they really worth it the money? Why do you need them? Read on to find out!

10 Simple Truths About Nutrition

It’s so easy to be snarky about nutrition. The food environment we live in is like a minefield.

Stop Starving to Lose Weight Rapidly

An article discussing about how to lose weight by following healthy eating habits without depriving yourself or starving. The benefits of wellness instead of crash diets for sustained and optimum results in fat loss and ultimate health.

A Pre-Ride, No Sugar, No Bonk Breakfast (With Variations)

Fueling for athletics always seems to be about sugar, but better ways and better fuels exist. This article covers several time-tested, sugar free breakfasts that can help you stay energized throughout your training or ride.

Unhealthy Foods That You Should Avoid at All Costs

Let’s face it, being health conscious is a great thing to be, as we should never underestimate the importance of being fit and healthy, no matter what. In order to be fitter and healthier, the general rule of thumb is to eat less junk food, eat healthier food, and do more exercise. As far as the food is concerned, that is where people often struggle, as they simply have no idea what they should and should not be consuming.

Do You Know The Most Powerful Healing Foods?

There is a huge variety of natural healing foods for almost any health condition. Unfortunately many don’t know, and some don’t care. For the wrong reason many people are relying more on drug medicine or the wrong dietary advice. Since back in the 1970s and 80s we’ve been told to have no salt, red meat, eggs, butter, oils: “Wrong”! Not having them has actually caused most of the problems.

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