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How to Improve the Nutritional Value of Your Diet?

Consuming mushrooms as a part of your diet offers a lot of benefits. This helps strengthen the immune system and includes relief from high cholesterol levels and weight loss.

Don’t Let Your Nutrition Slide If You’re Sick

There are things you can do to make yourself feel better if you’re sick. This article covers one important and helpful nutrition suggestion.

Six Powerful Foods That Improve Your Health

The foods you choose can either enhance your health or break it down. Making a smart choice of the right foods is therefore vital.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods And Why You Need Them

High cholesterol is a worldwide problem, but a few simple changes to the diet can make a big difference. Some food elevate cholesterol levels, others can lower them. The important thing is understanding the difference.

Eating Your Way to Healthy Skin

Summer is coming and most of us need to be concerned about what the sun is doing to our skin when we are enjoying the outdoors. Besides doing the obvious things like using the right sunscreen and keeping covered as much as you can handle (when it is hot who wants to be covered up?), the way you eat can help strengthen the natural protections that your body has against harmful UV rays.

Health Benefits of Water: Weight Loss, Headache Relief, Detoxification

Sometimes just taking a drink of pure, fresh water can lighten our spirit and improve overall health. Hydration means to supply with ample fluid or moisture. Studies are finding that being well-hydrated with water can assist with weight loss, help relieve fatigue and migraines, and improve mood and concentration.

Using Food As Medicine

The idea of using food as medicine is fundamental to all the world’s healing traditions, especially those in China, India, and Greece. Going even farther back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, learning about medicinal herbs and beneficial plants was simply an aspect of survival that in time became refined to actual “prescribed” remedies.

7 Simple Nutrition Upgrades For Healthier Living

In order to fortify your body for optimal health, you need to incorporate the right balance of nutrients into your diet. By making several simply upgrades to your current eating regimen, you can vastly improve your overall wellness, starting today!

How Good Are Liquid Vegetable Oils For Your Health?

Vegetable oils and fats that we consume do not occur naturally. These oils are extracted from corn, soybean and other seeds. The end products of this processing include safflower, canola, corn, peanut, soybean and sunflower oils. Pick your oils carefully and avoid refined vegetable oils at all times. When cooking use stable oils that are preferably high in saturated fats such as coconut oil, ghee and butter.

How to Eat to Avoid or Manage Diabetes

People get Diabetes because their body is unable to control blood sugar levels properly. If you are at risk of diabetes you should probably eat as though you have it, to ensure that you do not get it. It is far more difficult to deal with once you have it than it is to avoid it. If you already have diabetes then your diet is crucial to managing it. Eat improperly and you will feel lousy, and you might make your condition worse. Eat right and some of the nasty symptoms will disappear, and you might even be able to eliminate the need for insulin shots.

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